This Arch/Manjaro repository contains wine-lol, which is a patched Wine version needed to run League Of Legends on Linux.

Disclaimer: These packages are an offer for people with slow machines. I have a pretty "beefy" Linux gaming machine where I can build both (wine-lol-glibc and wine-lol) in under one hour and offering the packages isn't really much work if I've already built them for my own use. The packages are built on a dedicated build virtual machine which is only used for building packages. The packages are signed and shipped via encrypted SSL connection. Nonetheless I give no guarantee at all. You may use them on your own risk!.

Warning: While in the past the Linux community received some help from Riot employees in cases where the in-game anti cheat caused the game to break on Linux with Wine, this is not guaranteed to keep this way. Especially as Riot plans to create some kernel driver based anti cheat which may land in LoL at some time. So far noone knows for sure if LoL will still work with Wine as soon as this happens. So if you are playing on Linux, it is strongly recommended to not spend any money on skins or other in-game items! Your money may be lost as soon as Wine support breaks.

Adding the repo

Add my GPG key first:

     # pacman-key --recv-key D5E3DF45D8312635

     # pacman-key --lsign-key D5E3DF45D8312635

Then add the repo to /etc/pacman.conf

     Server =$arch

Debian derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, ...)

After building for Arch, I repackage my Arch Linux packages into the Debian format using a conversion script.

You can download the packages from here:

Build on your own


Wine-LoL is available on AUR and can be built with any AUR helper you like best.
Please don't use the comment system on AUR. I primarily manage the packages on GitHub (see below). Please create Issues there.


My PKGBUILD's are hosted and managed on GitHub. This is the primary platform for my PKGBUILD development, so please also file your Issues there and feel free to create Pull-Requests.


This is what I use to create my repository, but for safe use you have to create a dedicated build virtual machine as repo-make has to run as root!